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Refurbishment of Electrostatic Chucks ESC


Refurbishment of electro-static chucks used in LAM, TEL and AMAT Etch and CVD systems

Refurbishment includes:

Incoming inspection / characterisation:
- Measurement of surface flatness, helium
groove depth and mechanical dimensions
of ESC
- Dielectric thickness measurements using
ESC specific tooling
- Acoustic micro-imaging (ultrasonic) bond
inspection to spatial measurement
resolution of up to .005 inch
- Cosmetic appearance inspection

Refurbishment of bonds, re-surfacing
- Remove deposition material from ESC
- Re-apply epoxy sealing and cure (outer
ring to seal heater, ceramic to heater,
heater to base plate bonds)
- Re-surface wafer contact surface

Verification test against specific
requirements and specification

- Helium gas holes inspection
- Wafer clamping tests
- Surface roughness
- ESC voltage vs. pop-off pressure
- ESC voltage vs. leaked helium flow
- ESC assembly vacuum integrity
- Check for blocked helium delivery
- Measure declamping time
- Certification of conformance and
inspection protocol

ESC cleaning and packaging

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ESC refurbishment

ESC refurbishment